7 Most Common Essay Types Used in Academic Writing

If you ask the ordinary student what assignment causes a lot of difficulties, you’ll undoubtedly hear the answer ‘essay’. This paper is included in the curriculum at all educational levels; however, the majority of college students hate writing it. The students found the solution: they opt for professional assistance from EssayPro and don’t sweat it. However, essay writing is a necessary skill. It helps teachers to evaluate the level of students’ understanding of the particular topic. Students, in their turn, learn how to express their thoughts, find interesting ideas, and integrate it into a coherent whole.
The following description of essay types can help you to figure out what it is and improve your writing.

1. Descriptive essay

The name speaks for itself: descriptive essay aims at describing any object or issue. It can be practically everything, but students usually need to describe the piece of literature, historical personalities, personal feelings, events, and so on. The distinctive feature of this type is the abundance of adverbs, adjectives, and figures of speech that let the writer describe the object in detail. The attention to detail is crucial in a descriptive essay, so if you’re about to write such paper, the high-quality help won’t be unnecessary. Visit SuperbPaper, since the majority of SuperbPaper reviews are laudatory.

2. Reflective essay

This essay is a good analytical practice when a person describes the real or imaginary situation, event, thought, and focuses on his or her personal opinion on the described concept. A reflective essay may analyze the person’s experience and his or her development, and quite often, the writer should describe the situation of his or her life.

3. Narrative essay

The essence of this type is similar to the nature of the descriptive essay. The writer aims to tell a story based on real-life experience. Teachers assign it to evaluate a student’s story-telling ability. You don’t need to use any additional resources. Creative thinking is the only thing you need. If you have difficulties with writing a breathtaking paper, consider using help from EssayPro. Lots of EssayPro reviews report that experienced writers can quickly create the paper that will impress your professor.

4. Persuasive essay

The task of a person who writes this essay is to prove to the readers that the described point of view is the only correct one. That’s why the requirements for it may seem strict. Compliance with the proper structure, the logical presentation of material, persuasive arguments, and examples are the key components of a persuasive essay.

5. Expository essay

It’s one of the most challenging types that deal with facts. The writer should support the topic not with arguments and thoughts but with the data, facts, and numbers. Be sure that it requires a lot of time. If you aren’t ready to devote several days to write it, consult Edubirdie. Finding the response to the question “Does Edubirdie actually work with students?” is, in any case, faster than trying to compose this complicated paper by yourself.

6. Analytical essay

Students often face this assignment when studying literature. This type of essay aims at a detailed analysis of some concepts or objects. Students will have to analyze the piece of literature. They need to find the information, summarize all previous findings or conclusions, and draw the conclusion. It’s sometimes called the critical analysis essay.

7. Application essay

Unlike previous papers, this type of essay dramatically influences the future of the prospective student. Entering the college or university is impossible without submitting the application essay where graduates should explain why he or she chose the particular college and field of study, tell more about the educational achievements and prove that the admission board should enroll namely him or her. A significant part of prospective students are afraid to fail; that’s why they buy their essays from professional writers, for example, Unemployed Professors. Read Unemployed Professors review to evaluate the quality of the services and make a decision.